Corcardia Group

Corcardia Group

“Optimize Care, Reduce Costs, Improve Waste…”

CorCardia Group Inc. is a global medical supply chain firm that develops leading-edge inventory management solutions for medical device companies and hospitals. We partner with hospitals, clinics, and cardiovascular practices to optimize the quality of patient care, reduce cost, and eliminate waste. Our innovative design reshapes the cath lab supply chain to give our customers essential therapeutic tools at a significant cost savings, strategic insight to inventory and utilization trends, and state of the art group purchasing opportunities.

The Challenge…?
How to enter a global marketplace and change the system amidst strong restraint from Group Purchasing Organizations and industry fear to the Cost of Change.

The Solution: Patience and Iteration. Whe nwe discover the solution lay i the tireless ability to educate a relutance audience we neede to focus on the “why” and the emotional component behind the organizations goals. The mission they take upon with themselves everyday to “help deliver the right care! Promotional Commercials to

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